Electric Rates Rising In The Summer

Summer is around the corner and it will be time for vacations again. Trips to the beach, the lake, water parks and theme parks like Walt Disney World. Which also means we will be spending a lot of money to have all of this fun on ourselves and for the rest of our family. So the last thing we want to think about is increasing utility rates! But we have to, below is a chart from the EIA depicting some of our spending habits and increases in electrical consumption.


But once again this is another summer where rates will rise. The EIA is forecasting a rate increase of at least 3% from the months of June-August. Every year the rising costs of utility bills creep in to our bank accounts whether we want it to or not. Every year all of our "stuff" that runs on electricity like pool motors,  washer and dryers, hvac systems, motors of any kind and anything else you can think become degraded and continue to draw more electricity. So you ask yourself "How can I slow down this cycle of spending?!' 


There is a way. The Power Perfect Box works harmoniously with the incoming electricity from your electric panels that goes into your home and your business. The average reduction electrical consumption or kWh in a home ranges from around 10% to 15% in homes that heavy motor usage such as pools, jacuzzi's and the like. In business settings you can see anywhere from 12% to 18% reductions depending on the loads that are being used in there environments. On top of the savings in that you will see in your electric bill, you will also find that your motors will run cooler which means they will last longer so they will not need to be replaced as early and often. If you have been looking for an alternative way to save money on electric bills for the long term and do not want to spend tens of thousands of dollars doing it, then the Power Perfect Box is the way to go.