Pure Wash Pro 2


Are you seeking the safest, detergent-less method to get your laundry done? Then the ‘Pure Wash Pro 2’ will change the way you clean your laundry. Use little to no detergent and let the (self-generating) H202 and the power of oxygenated water wash your clothes. The Pure Wash Pro has the ability to disinfect your clothes from harmful bacteria that detergent cannot do. You may find your laundry smells good and clean when you wash it with detergent, but it still contains harmful bacteria living in it. The Pure Wash Pro is safe to use in every environment and will give you the best results for a detergent-less laundry system. 

Pure Wash Pro 2 is a high quality product that comes with a variety of features
•    Patented Technology - that cleans by oxygen-infused water and (self-generating) H202
•    Detergent-less - It uses less than 75% of detergent
•    Energy Savings - Use cold water instead of warm water for washing your laundry
•    Easy Installation - Quick and easy installation
•    Interchangeable System - Works automatically and can attach to any washing machine
•    Safe and Effective - Allows you to add and mix color and white clothes at the same time

Some of the advantages of this new technology offered to you are benefits such as, living a healthier more eco-friendly and comfortable life.  This is laundry cleaning at its finest. Here are a few more advantages of your Pure Wash Pro
•    Kills bacteria
The self-generating H202 and oxygenated water process allows to eliminate the harmful bacteria and mold growth. The use of detergent stimulates the growth of bacteria as well as mold insidr clothes and in your washer’s inner gaskets. No need to worry as the Pure Wash Pro guarantees to kill 99.99% of bacteria from your laundry.
•    No detergent needed
This machine saves your money from purchasing the expensive detergents every week or month. It needs no detergent at all or if you still want to add few spoons of detergent, then it consumes less than 75% of it. The natural power of H202 infused, oxygenated water densely cleans the dirt and other impurities from the clothes. 
•    Environmental-friendly
It is safe to use at home, industry or shop as it is eco-friendly and doesn’t contribute towards environmental pollution. With no use of detergent, it eliminates the production of chemicals produced by the artificial detergents. 
•    Skin problems
People who have very sensitive skin or those suffering from different skin conditions, this is the best way to clean your laundry. It eliminates bacteria and impurities that can cause skin irritation or other skin problems.
•    Safe for babies
Small babies are at a higher risk of getting bacterial infections. Pure Wash Pro is the best way to keep baby's clothes clean from bacteria. It is the safest technology and is recommended by many pediatricians and dermatologists.
Where to purchase?
You can purchase this durable technology at a very reasonable price from www.eleeos.com/shop/pure-wash . They provide the Pure Wash Pro at just $399. Save money with every wash by purchasing this exclusive offer.