Well written article on eleEOS by Niesha Mingle

What is the challenge? The world is growing at a fast pace, and so many technological advancements are unveiled day after day. New inventions and innovations are also not left out. As we depend on technology for most of our daily activities, So many companies are making cutting-edge products to make our life comfortable however we must understand to what extent does all this technology affect our health and safety, and the environment at large.

Who is eleEOS? eleEOS are specialists when it comes to consumer technology for both residential and commercial utility, and anyone can rely on their expertise. They are game changers by combining different techniques and tools to create lasting solutions to Tech problems. They are a team of dedicated service provider keen on optimizing different technologies for the benefit of all. Also, this versatile expert does not only limit their scope of services to commercial setups since they cater as well to homeowners who wish to have modern and innovative residential technological systems and smart home technology solutions installed in their homes. They guarantee equality, uniformity, and reliability in the programming of the control system, regardless of who their client is.

eleEOS and the environment: The recent campaign on the need for promoting environment-friendly products has been the center of attraction all over the country; from developing countries into advanced nations. The campaign is acknowledged all over the world, and it is impacting almost all the industry verticals to save the environment. To this effect, Governments all over the world are making new rules and regulations for environment-friendly manufacturing products.

While other companies and stakeholders are skeptical about joining this movement for a human-friendly and sustainable world, a team of professional “World-Changers” known as “eleEOS” have keyed into the campaign and are doing a very remarkable job at bringing affordable technologies to the door steps of everyone across the whole world. eleEOS offers a variety of environmentally friendly devices like the Nano Induct Air Purifier and the duct air purifier which helps to purify the air we breathe by Destroying bacteria, viruses, and molds. These devices also remove bad odor from your home thus improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Hard water conditioners: eleEOS provides the world with the opportunity to benefit from its varieties of unique water purifiers that offer you a non-chemical way to treat water in your home and get all the benefits of soft water.

How is eleEOS responding to energy issues? In response to the Continuing increase in energy demand and the accompanying demand for Smart Technology to make the environment healthy and safe for technology consumers, eleEOS have designed and implemented a system that efficiently showcases varieties of new technology that is readily available at all at all times irrespective of your location. Here is a list of what you stand to gain from eleEOS energy plan:

· Power Perfect Box: This Power Perfect Box by eleEOS saves you money on your electric bill while creating a healthier home and work environment.

· Electromagnetic field (EMF) Eliminator: this device plugs directly into any electrical outlet (120/240 Volt) and conditions the power for every electrical device connected to that circuit. Thanks to eleEOS, people are now protecting themselves from nerve stimulation effects associated with EMF radiations.

· Stetzerizer Meter: this helps you eliminate the pollution caused by the electric and magnetic fields emitted from wiring in buildings.

· The Trifield Meter: eleEOS provides you this fantastic EMF meter which offers magnetic, electric, and radio/microwave detection in one package.

eleEOS have mastered the art and science of technology integration and as such, are ready to come up with the most suitable solution for your home friendly technology needs. If you are looking to invest in some new technology and equipment, experts at eeleos can guide you regarding product choice, design and development. The installation will be done as competently as possible as well so that your environment is architecturally sound, technically functional, and even visually appealing. eleEOS will make sure that you will achieve smooth operations and a predictable return on your technology investments.

The world will become a better place to live in if we all welcome the “eleEOS idea!!”

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