eleEOS products make Going Green, Living Healthier and Reducing Electric Bills EASY for any Home or Business. So come in and start shaping your environment the way YOU have always wanted it! 


Our product focus

The products we offer focus on improving your home or work environment via the following four categories: water, air, energy, and heat. Here's a sample from each element...


Our top "water" products is pureWash. It works by infusing the water with oxygen, purifying and sanitizing your laundry and leaving them odor free, whiter and fluffier. Ditch the detergent (a big plus for folks sensitive to chemicals), cut costs, clothes will last longer and have cleaner laundry. Nice!          


The top-pick "air" product for allergy sufferers is Duct Pure. It removes 99.9% of particle pollution. It gets rid of harmful germs, bacteria (including mold), and other pollutants that can cause discomfort and even illness. It’s the kind of air purity you get right after a good thunderstorm. Start breathing again!


The Power Perfect Box is the award-winning "energy" product! This amazing gem cleans the energy flowing through your entire home, resulting in lower utility bills, increased longevity of appliances, and a decrease in health impacting EMF. In short, it makes your power perfect.


Green Shield, a superior reflective insulation, is the "hot" product! It goes ontop of your insulation to create a more comfortable, cost- and energy-effective home or business, which can resist up to 97% of radiant heat. The bottom line is you’ll save money on heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. 


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