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At eleEOS, we believe in achieving a balance between sustainability and well-being. Our forward-thinking solutions enable you to shape your environment, creating a ripple effect that positively impacts the world at large. That’s a thing of beauty!



What we do

At eleEOS we offer technologies that are innovative and eco-friendly for homes and business's. We invite you to take a tour of our website and see how you can shape your environment the way you want it with products that are designed with healthy living technologies, products that improve indoor air quality, reduce daily exposure to harsh chemicals, save energy, and reduce our environmental footprint. We truly believe that our products are exciting in their uniqueness and quality, and are needed by every family!  In addition, we offer energy assessments and EMF testing for your home or business. We invite you to watch a short video about us and contact us with any questions or click below on the "Learn More" button to make an appointment with one of our Energy Consultants.


    What folks say about us

Here's some recent feedback we've received on our services and products. 

Our product focus

The products we offer focus on improving your home or work environment via the following four categories: water, air, energy, and heat. Here's a sample from each element...


Our top "water" products is pureWash. It works by infusing the water with oxygen, purifying and sanitizing your laundry and leaving them odor free, whiter and fluffier. Ditch the detergent (a big plus for folks sensitive to chemicals), cut costs, clothes will last longer and have cleaner laundry. Nice!          


The top-pick "air" product for allergy sufferers is Duct Pure. It removes 99.9% of particle pollution. It gets rid of harmful germs, bacteria, and other pollutants that can cause discomfort and even illness. It’s the kind of air purity you get right after a good thunderstorm. 


The Power Perfect Box is the award-winning "energy" product! This amazing gem cleans the energy flowing through your entire home, resulting in lower utility bills, increased longevity of appliances, and a decrease in health impacting EMF. In short, it makes your power perfect.


Green Shield, a superior reflective insulation, is the "hot" product! It goes ontop of your insulation to create a more comfortable, cost- and energy-effective home or business, which can resist up to 97% of radiant heat. The bottom line is you’ll save money on heating and cooling. 

Whatever your budget and current home or work environment is...we can help you optimize it!

Eco-Friendly, Energy Saving Products in Asheville NC


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