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Do you want to save money on energy costs and help reduce your impact on the environment? Do you want a green tech company that values you as a customer and has over 5 years of experience in the industry? Choose eleEOS today and choose us for our experience, professionalism and friendly staff. eleEOS specializes in the environmental and green tech industry offering a wide range of professional services including EMF audits and reduction, commercial and residential insulating products and a selection of products designed to help you reduce your energy usage.

The eleEOS Mission

Headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina and serving the needs of our commercial and residential customers throughout the country, eleEOS focuses on offering quality products and services combined with competitive prices and friendly customer support. As one of the industry’s leading green tech companies, we have made it our mission to help our customers shape their environment the way they want it and to offer them the highest levels of service and support every time they contact us.

eleEOS offers professional environmental and green tech products and services including:

eleEOS values our customers and works hard to ensure their complete satisfaction. For all of your environmental products and services needs, our team will be there to answer any questions and to provide the best, most responsive experience possible.

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