Testing For EMF in Real Estate Transactions Is Growing by the Day

Buying a house or a property isn’t what it used to be. There are so many steps these days; finding a good realtor, finding a property that really speaks to you, getting a loan to buy that house and then spending the rest of your life trying to pay off that loan. There really are a lot of things to consider. And in recent years another important factor has come to light. We’re talking about the rising concerns over EMF (electro-magnetic fields) and RF (radio frequencies) and the adverse effects they could have on your health.

The first thing that comes to mind when you are looking for a new house or office, is, is it big enough? Is it close to the kids’ schools? How far is my office from here? Is this location appealing to our customers? Or even this place could be haunted? But there’s a question we often don’t ask but should and that is; Is this building a safe and healthy place to live in?  -  EMF/RF is dangerous and is becoming a rising issue now, because a strong presence of EMF/RF can lead to serious health issues.

The best time to test for EMF and RF is before signing the paperwork and moving in. Simply because at that stage, inspection of the house/building is done to make sure that nothing is defective, like the roofing, the plumbing and the electrical wiring. So if there are any sort of short comings with the property you are looking to buy, you’ll know about it before you proceed;  so that do not have to pay thousands of dollars for a house or remodeling  a building that might only end up giving you cancer in the next couple years. However, initial inspections like these usually do not include testing the property for high levels of EMF & RF.

A lot of health research professionals are suggesting that testing the property for high/low levels of EMF/RF should be a part of the initial inspection and in case there are any unusual readings of EMF/RF found, totally avoiding it would be the safest approach. Also, including an EMF/RF evaluation with the initial inspection would be wise as well easy on the pocket so you could decide about appropriate measures if there are unusual levels of EMF or RF.

AC-magnetic fields or more commonly known as EMF are very hard to detect. Only specially calibrated equipment and the professionals who know how to use them can detect elevated levels. If present, your health is at risk. Doing this before remodeling, can show you just where the problem is. Be it faulty wiring, poorly crafted lighting or other electrical installations that are not up to code. These elevated EMF fields and the possible code violations can easily go undetected as these inspections are mainly focused towards the basic functionalities

Why is it a critical matter for you to consider carefully about magnetic fields?

Because times have changed and so has our environment. If we go back some fifty years, these problems were nearly non-existent. But now with the introduction of so many electrical devices that all give off some amount of radiation our health is at stake. Every device that we use or is around us give’s off either EMF or RF or both. Radio towers, antenna, the WIFI you are probably using now and even the smallest of things like an electric toothbrush create an electrical field around themselves. At very low levels like it was some years ago this wasn’t all that dangerous. However, we now live in a world where everything is becoming “electrical” - for example, just recently they announced an electric toilet!  And unfortunately, these devices will affect the health of everyone around them.

Well then what should we do? Should we limit our usage of devices or should we limit the time we spend in areas with high EMF ad RF levels? Wait, what if our offices and our kids’ rooms have high EMF levels? We can’t really limit our time there, although in case of offices I think we should… just saying…. But this is not a proper solution. Many countries outside the US advise avoidance of long-term exposure. Again, why? Do they have higher EMF levels or are they more sensitive to these radiations?

AT eleEOS we don’t speculate. We are here to tell you exactly what levels you are dealing with and allow you to make the best possible decision for your health and the ones around you.

We can help create a low EMF and RF environment in your future building. The recipe to a successful outcome is following a systematic protocol in assessment, designing the mitigation plan if necessary, and verifying the achievement of the design goals. The steps for a low EMF/RF assessment, consultation and possible development of a mitigation plan consist of:

  • Assessment of low and high frequency background levels present on the property

  • Assessment of low and high frequency levels present in the building

  • Develop and design of a possible mitigation according to your benchmarks for sensitive areas

  • Consult on prudent placement in all sensitive areas

  • Retain a qualified electrician to verify proper electrical installation and grounding system if indicated

  • Shielding implementation by qualified craftsmen

  • Measurements to confirm compliance to your benchmarks

If you would like us to help you in the assessment or design of a low EMF in Real Estate, please call us at 828-575-9337 or email to: info@eleeos.com