The Power Perfect Box


This is more of a general phenomenon and a universal truth that people like it when the digits in their electric bills are less but there is no magic trick to reduce them but eleEOS has come up with a way in which people can save bucks from their energy costs and direct the valuable money somewhere important. Saving money is appealing but if it comes with a sense of atonement that we are reducing the hazardous impact on the environment than who wouldn’t want that? A lot has been taken from this beautiful planet and now it's time to give it back. If not, then we can at least stop our potentially lethal practices. We are the tech company that values you as our customer and we are destined to develop sustainable solutions for you. We have specialized in the green tech industry and we offer a wide range of qualified services such as commercial and residential insulating products, EMF audits and their reduction and we have some very valuable products for you as well.

The weather in the united states has become uncanny, there is Harvey hitting on one coast and Irma devastating another. Every American deems his or herself to be responsible for making compensatory actions, ways we can antagonize the gloom that has consumed the fellow Citizens. We are very much obliged that our product The Power Perfect Box can be of significant use by the families that are struck by Irma recently. How is this useful is discussed in detail below.

The Power Perfect Box is a comprehensive solution for the electrical system that does not only provide robust surge protection, voltage regulating line conditioning and real-time amp reducing phase correction but also nullifies negative harmonics from your system and provide you EMF filtration.

The Power Perfect Box installs directly into your electric panel and immediately gets to work by “cleaning” all of the electricity that flows into your home or business. It does that by eliminating the gaps or distortion in your electricity. In short, it reduces your power consumption by making your power perfect. That means your home or business only uses what it needs. This has been in our consideration that the power providers send more electricity, more than your demand just to add some more money in their accounts and we stand straight to nib this evil from the bud.

The current weather has made power surges more common than ever, these surges are potentially harmful to the environment as well as it wastes a great deal of electricity; electricity that has been paid huge amounts for. The power perfect box is an epitome of technology because it dampens the possibility of all such misfortunes in disaster conditions.

We are here to provide our customers with high quality and fair prices. As one of the leading green tech companies, we take it upon our shoulders that we persuade our customers to shape their lives according to the betterment of the environment and we hope we succeed in this. This can never be achieved without your help, So, all the families affected by the horrors of Irma are most welcomed by our team and they are getting 10 percent discount on this powerful product we talked about. Spread the word.

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