Roof Guard

Roof Guard


Roof Guard is the roof paint that INSULATES with a bright white high build elastomeric roof coating based on the latest chemical technology and fortified with insulating ceramic microspheres. This bright white high build formula is designed to insulate, seal, waterproof, soundproof and protect. The thick rubber-like ceramic reinforced shield expands and contracts with varying hot and cold temperatures plus resists thermal shock. Roof Guard offers superior mildew resistance, soundproofing, UV ray reflectivity, corrosion resistance and a beautiful insulating finish.

When applied according to specifications Roof Guard provides an inexpensive solution to re-roofing providing many years of durable protection and outstanding beauty.

Spread Rate- 100-125 sq.ft/gal (per coat) Two coats are required.
Tar and gravel roofs will yield 60-75 sq.ft/gal (per coat). Dry to touch- 2-4 hours. Recoat-12 hours...Cure Time 5-7 days 


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