pure Wash Pro

pure Wash Pro


pure Wash Pro is the most effective detergent-less laundry system on the market. Imagine being able to get dazzling-fresh laundry with minimal or no detergents, fabric softener, or even hot water . . . You can with the pureWash Pro

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With the pureWash Pro Detergent-Free Laundry Booster, you will experience truly clean clothes the natural way. The pureWash harnesses the power of pure oxygen to reach deep into the fibers of your wash to lift away dirt and grime from your laundry and kill bacteria, giving you fresh, clean clothing and fluffy towels without chemicals or additives. Laundry additives rely on harsh chemicals that leave behind residues on your clothing and compromise the environment and irritate your skin. Chemicals cause wear and tear on your clothing and linens. Now there is an alternative that not only improves your laundry, it's cost-saving too. The pureWash uses cold water to clean laundry and costs only pennies per wash load. Think of the savings on laundry products and hot water! No wonder commercial and hospital laundries have been using the same technology for more than a decade. The pureWash is easy to operate and can be installed by the homeowner. Once the pureWash Pro is installed, simply operate your washer as usual. The pureWash automatically turns on when water flows into your washer. When the water stops flowing, the pureWash automatically turns off following a short cool-down period. Experience the miracle of oxygenation and confirm your commitment to eco-conscious living by replacing chemical-laden laundry products with the natural cleaning power of the pureWash Detergent-Free Laundry Booster.

  • Saves Money with Every Wash

  • Use Little to No Detergent

  • Eliminates Bacteria & Mold

  • Cleans with Cold Water

  • Hospital Proven Process


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