SaticPulse LED Lighting

SaticPulse LED Lighting

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SaticPulse Quantum Photon LED Technology is unequaled in the marketplace with high power factor, lowest THD and EMF with the highest efficiency rating available. They use less amps than comparable LEDs while producing more light of superior quality. At the moment we only have the 9Watt LED bulb available and in quantities of 25 or 50 pack.

LED 9W 120V:
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Full Spectrum Light has been clinically proven to provide many of the benefits provided
by . natural sunlight, such as better visibility, improved health and greater productivity .

Looks Better, Lasts Longer & Saves Money!

  • See Better: Enhanced colors to see hair/makeup, food, clothing and art
  • Feel Better: Improves mood with less fatigue, depression and eye strain
  • Live Better: Produces healthier environment for humans, plants and pets
  • Low Harmonics & EMFs
  • Dimmable & Flicker Free
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Natural Full Spectrum Light
  • High Power Quality & Long Life