Power Perfect Box

Power Perfect Box

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The Power Perfect Box saves you money on your electric bill while creating a healthier home and/or work environment. It’s smart technology at its finest! Here’s how it works...

The Power Perfect Box installs directly into your electric panel and immediately gets to work by “cleaning” all of the electricity that flows into your home or business. It does that by eliminating the gaps or distortions in the incoming electricity. In short, it reduces your power consumption by making your power perfect. That means your home or business only uses what it needs.

Traditionally, electric companies send more electricity into your home or business to fill those gaps and reduce distortions. More electricity means more money. You do the math!

NOTE: The single phase Power Perfect Box accommodate up to 3000 sf. and the single phase Power Perfect Box HD up to 5000 sf. The three phase Power Perfect Box and Power Perfect Box HD is determined by the load in your environment. 

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Other benefits...

Power Perfect Box Reveals... "How you can save money on your electric bill while creating a healthier home and/or work environment.
  • Protects you from power surges and spikes—No more burn outs that cause equipment failure.
  • Eliminates the humming in your lights—Say good-bye to that annoying buzzing.
  • Reduces the overheating of devises—Heat is an enemy of all electrical devices. Let’s keep them cool and so they can carry on.
  • Lowers EMF—Eliminates 60-90% electromagnetic frequencies or “radiation.” If you know what “EMF” is, then you most likely know why this is a huge health perk!
  • Did we mention you can take it with you? If you move, you simply take the Power Perfect Box with you, putting it to work in your new home or business. If you’re new digs are larger, we can add to it. It’s a sound investment that will benefit you in the short and long term.