Copperflect is a high performance copper insulation. Copperflect works by reflecting up to 98% of the infrared heat in your home. This means lower utility bills and greater comfort. If you have areas of your house that are not comfortable or energy bills that are too high, then your current insulation may not be doing enough. In addition to savings Copperflect can also be used to reduce EMF and RF frequencies that come from Cell Towers and Power Lines. Please keep in mind this is a custom order. No refunds are available for any custom products.

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Comfort is influenced by both air temperature (convection) and the temperature of the surfaces around you (thermal radiation). Your thermostat controls the air temperature but has no way to measure or regulate “how it feels” in the house. Thermal radiation accounts for up to 2/3 of your body’s ability to regulate temperature.

Just like windows and walls that get direct sun are always warmer, if warm surfaces are radiating heat onto your skin, your body can’t cool down and you set the thermostat lower. Ideally, you want your walls and ceiling to be a few degrees warmer than your skin during the winter and a few degrees cooler in the summer.

Copperflect radiant barrier is specifically designed around radiant heat transfer. Copperflect installed in your attic and crawlspace works by reflecting out the radiant heat in the summer and reflecting back in the radiant heat in the winter. This results in more comfortable ceilings and floors, and therefore a more comfortable you.


In the summer, the heat from the roof emits down through the attic into the living space. When Copperflect radiant barrier is installed in the attic, the infrared heat is reflected out before it can penetrate any further, reducing the temperature of the attic by as much as 30 degrees F.

With the attic cooler, the insulation below won’t have to work as hard because it will be under a lighter load, and the A/C doesn’t have to work as hard and won’t have to cycle on as often to maintain the lower temperature.

Copperflect radiant barrier works best in the summer, but it also helps during the winter. The heat generated inside the living space needs to be prevented from escaping, especially at night when the temperatures drop the most.

As heat conducts to the drywall and attic insulation, the mass of those objects store and re-emit the heat in the form of infrared energy. Copperflect is the best solution because only a copper radiant barrier can reflect 97% of the infrared heat without losing its reflectivity over time.

Copperflect Radiant Barrier Meets:

  • FTC R-value Requirements

  • ASTM and NFPA Fire Standards

  • ICC International Building Code

  • ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes program

  • Sigma Testing Methods backed with a Lifetime Limited Warranty

Tax Credit for Copperflect

Don’t forget that Copperflect qualifies for a $500 tax credit for insulation.

As you file your taxes for last year, don’t forget your receipt for the insulation you had installed. If you purchased Copperflect or another qualifying product, you can get a tax credit of 10% up to $500. Download our Manufacturers Certification Statement.

New homes that improved the heating and cooling efficiency by over 50% more than 2006 IECC code requirements using approved insulation, like radiant barrier and reflective insulation, and other HVAC efficiencies, were eligible for a tax credit of up to $2,000.

A tax credit for qualifying insulation products, like Copperflect, has been on-again, off-again since 2005. The current tax credits expired at the end of 2017 and there’s no word yet on them being renewed for 2018.

Read the article from the DOE


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