Radiant Barrier Coat

Radiant Barrier Coat


The Radiant Barrier Coat offers radiation control, vapor retarder coating and is a cost effective boost to conventional home insulation that can save energy and money while also reducing EMF as well. Until now the only types of radiant barriers available were foil film, metalized plastic film, and metalized "chips". These types of barriers are installed by attaching to the underside of the roof with staples or sprinkled about on top of the fiberglass insulation on the attic floor. We now offer The Radiant Barrier Coating which goes on just like paint!

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There are a few spray-able paint coatings available that are sold as radiant barriers but they all contain volatile solvents which are not only hazardous to the installer but also to the homeowner as the toxic fumes penetrate down through the ceilings and into the interior. Don't be fooled by the terms "latex base" or "water cleanup" as they do not reflect the true chemical makeup of the coating.


Spread Rate:

  • 200 sq ft per gallon (for attic spray applications)

  • 300 sq ft per gallon for semi smooth walls and ceilings.

  • Two coats are recommended on new unprimed wood to insure an even distribution of the aluminum and ceramic particles.

Radiant Barrier keeps your home and/or business warmer in the winter by resisting cold from coming in and retains the heat created inside the environment. In the summer it will resist the heat from coming in your environment and keep your environment cooler, longer.

Price is per gallon

Here’s how

There are 2 different coats that applied to the area needing insulating. First the metallic and reflective aluminum based paste is applied then after it is dried the elastomeric, ultra-white, microscopic ceramic beaded coating is applied on top and this paint can be tinted to the color of which you choose or just go with flat white.

Benefits of Radiant Barrier

Some of the benefits to Green Guard is it will reduce your heating and cooling bills while also creating a water vapor barrier which will keep your “in the wall” insulation drier and eliminate the “damp” feeling out of your environment. Heat Guard is made in the USA and comes with a 25 Year Warranty.

Where can I apply Radiant Barrier?

Green Guard can be used for exterior or interior environments. It is a great insulator for cathedral ceilings, mobile homes; double wides or anywhere else where typical insulation can be inserted, added, or changed.

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