What is EMF


Standard household appliances as well as cables, wires and fixtures generate electromagnetic fields (EMF’s). As scientists continually debate the health risks from EMF’s, it is not uncommon for individuals to seek assurance about the safety and well being of themselves and their families. The risk emanates from the electromagnetic radiation created  where ever power flows. When electricity leaves the power plant, it immediately begins to develop distortion and continues to do so all the way up until it reaches you in your home or business. As the Electricity coming to you becomes distorted you'll notice things in your environments in the form of buzzing, clicking and hissing sounds you hear when the refrigerator kicks on or the ac unit turns on. Almost every device that uses electricity produces these distortions which results in EMF’s. America’s antique power grid system also contributes, in part to these distortions. Electricity provides two thirds of the energy used in residential and commercial buildings, and one third of energy used by industry. Demand is projected to double over the next forty years, and currently there are nearly 2 million miles of lines that reach into almost every building in the nation.

How Dirty Electricity Gets To You

This next part is important to understand. We are constantly surprised at the
misunderstanding of the following principles, even by those who profess to know. First some rudiments of electricity. Electricity Is The Flow Of Electrons. Well that’s it. When electrons flow in some wire or object or device, we refer to that as an operating electrical circuit. The Voltage In An Electrical Circuit Is the PUSH. Just as water pressure is the push that makes water flow in the pipes in your home, Voltage is the push that makes electrons flow.

  • A D-cell battery has a voltage of 1.5 volts

  • A typical US house power outlet has a voltage of 120 Volts AC

Current Is The Measure Of How Many Electrons Are Passing Some Point In A
Circuit In A Period Of Time. A Current of Electrons only flows when there is some voltage pushing it. Just as water pressure causes a certain number of gallons per minute to flow, a voltage cause a certain number of electrons to flow and we call that measure: amperes (amps).
Electricity Can Be AC or DC. Direct Current (DC) means that the voltage is constant. A battery is a good example of this. Alternating Current (AC) means that the voltage is changing – usually constantly changing, and to be specific, it changes its amplitude and reverses it’s direction-of-flow (polarity) periodically.
What Does This Have To Do With Dirty Electricity? Dirty electricity is in the wiring
of your building/house. It is an AC voltage and therefore causes the flow of an AC current. Dirty electricity is a higher frequency than the power line AC frequency.

  • The power line frequencies are typically 50Hz or 60 Hz

  • Dirty electricity can be from a few thousand Hz to millions of Hz

Well How Does Dirty Electricity Get To You? You obviously are not touching the
power lines with your body. The dirty electricity is getting to you because all voltages in an electrical circuit have an associated “field” called an Electric Field, and all currents (the flow of electrons) have an associated Magnetic Field. Fields Radiate Into Space. Both Electric fields and Magnetic fields radiate into space. In this consideration of dirty electricity, they travel from the wiring to you.
What Is Induction? Simply put, it means that the presence of a changing (AC) field in the vicinity of an object that is a conductor of electricity will cause a voltage to appear on or a current to flow in that object. When you are in a space where there is dirty electricity in the wiring around you: o The dirty electricity creates a changing field around you, the changing field around you causes a voltage to be present on your body and/or a current to flow within your body, because your body is a conductor of electricity.

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A Silicon-valley engineer turned technology health advocate,  Jeromy Johnson is an expert in mitigating the negative impacts of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure.

A growing number of people are suffering from electrosensitivity (ES)
EMF depiction

     Electrical Devices

Unplug all electronics during sleeping hours. Use a battery powered alarm clock and never sleep under an electric blanket. One of the most important but overlooked elements in sleep disturbance is the placement of wired, electrical devices or AC
(transformers used to charge or power devices) sources in your bedroom. These devices emit surprisingly strong electrical fields, even if the appliance is turned off. There are countless sources within your home that can contribute to the constant radiation of erratic electrical fields, so for sure you don’t want any of these devices in your bedroom. Keep things like TVs, stereos,
air conditioning units and refrigerators at least 6 feet away. Make sure your fuse box is also not within this distance.


Human-Made Sources

Besides natural sources the electromagnetic spectrum also includes fields generated by human-made sources: X-rays are employed to diagnose a broken limb after a sport accident. The electricity that comes out of every power socket has associated low frequency electromagnetic fields and various kinds of higher frequency radio waves are used to transmit information – whether via TV antennas, radio stations or mobile phone base stations. Exposure to human-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) has increased over the past century.


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Dirty Electricity & EMF

You might have everything switched off and unplugged but if you’ve got dirty electricity running through your household wiring, your bedroom and your home will be electrically polluted and your health is going to take a toll. Dirty electricity is a term used to describe a form of EMF pollution found on house wiring which studies show can cause adverse biological effects.